Blog: New Beginnings

Aug. 29, 2018

Hi everyone, Elaina here. Welcome to the first getmorehappy blog!

I know that most people think of new beginnings with the new year or with Spring. For me, Fall and the start of school has always felt new. I’ve always found this time of the year calls to me to start new endeavors. That’s how this blog was born. I have been so blessed to share my voice with you on the getmorehappy podcast. What a great job! I love to talk and I love to focus on happiness. For those of you who haven’t checked out the podcast, you may think that all this happiness talk makes me a Disney character. In truth, (although I am Disney obsessed) I have definitely struggled with harsh realities in my life. I believe happiness is a choice. It doesn’t matter the circumstances we are in, we can choose to be happy. That doesn’t mean we should stay in unhappy situations. It means that we are responsible for our lives and how we choose to live them. If changes need to happen for us to be happy, then do so. A lot of times, we get into the routine of life and forget that we can choose how we experience our lives. We shouldn’t just blindly let life happen to us and then gripe because it isn’t what we wanted. We have the choice to find happy in the little and big moments, to build gratitude for the life we are living, to make changes for a better future. That is not to say that it is easy all the time. Happiness can definitely be work. Lisa and I talked about Happiness is Work this past Tuesday. Take a listen here, We are excited for season 2 of getmorehappy! Each week, Lisa and I will be sharing a Monday morning inspiration on Facebook and Instagram. Tuesdays will be podcast day with new episodes on Podbean. Thursdays will be blog day. Sometimes you will hear from me, sometimes it will be Lisa. Please make sure you follow us on Podbean, Facebook, and Instagram at getmorehappy. See you soon!

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