Blog: Stress Out – Joy In

Sept. 19, 2018

From Lisa: Have you ever had one of those mornings, when try as you might, your stress level just keeps building. You know, when you wake up and do all of the right things: good night sleep;meditate; exercise; eat; go to church; walk, but still that stress is there. As soon as someone pokes it, you are going to pop.  Well, I had one of those mornings today.  I felt that stress.  I knew it was there and I tried everything I knew to keep it down, but BAM… it popped.   Then a beautiful thing happened. A knock at the door……..and there stood Jack. Jack is my neighbor’s 8 year-old son.  He visits every so often, with a couple of his friends, to play with our kitten.  That huge smile and childish gaze……ahhhh just what I needed.  In came the boys and the kitty ran to them.  Smiles and giggles ensued.  The room filled with joy and instantly all of the stress was gone.   There was a sense of awe at the simplicity of it all. Just a boy and a kitten. No problems, no worries,  no fears or stress… just pure joy and love.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live each moment with a pure sense of joy? How can we duplicate these moments each day? What simple things can we do to keep stress out and joy in?  

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