Blog: Go Your Own Way

Oct. 24, 2018

From Elaina:

I am a planner. I tend to overthink everything. This gives me comfort. I know it stems from not always feeling in control of my environment. When I tell people about being a planner, they think I am a control freak. That’s not true. Once I have a plan, I can relax. I am even fine when plans go awry (as they often do). Planning gives me the opportunity to think through every eventuality. Once I know that I can handle the worst case scenario, I can relax. It’s funny but, planning does not get in the way of being spontaneous. Once I have a plan, I am okay if it changes. For example, I need to know I am going out on my day off, but not specifically what I am doing.

I am very aware that my way of doing things is not for everyone. I am sure that reading this post so far gave half of you an anxiety attack. The point is, we all have our little quirks that make us comfortable. Why do we think that what works for us is the answer for everyone? We are all individuals with messy lives and triumphs and tragedies that shape us. No two stories are the same! So, let’s give ourselves and the people around us a pass. Let’s assume that we are all doing what works for us. Let’s honor where we are on our journey and whatever we need to do to feel secure. Let’s be control freaks or plan to the extreme or fly by the seat of our pants. Let’s go our own way and let others do the same.

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