Blog: Rest and Reboot

Nov. 14, 2018

Elaina here

I am resting and recovering from my double foot surgery. There is something wonderful in having my calendar clear and my focus being on resting and recovery. I have given myself permission to just relax. There are no agenda items, nothing I am in charge of. I expected to feel bored and anxious, but I am actually enjoying the rest. I am sure that when I get back to life, I will be rejuvenated.

In that spirit, Lisa and I will be taking a hiatus on the podcast through the holidays. We want a chance to enjoy our families and rejuvenate our spirits. We will still be posting inspiring quotes and our blog, although it might not be on our regular schedule. We encourage you to use this time to catch up on episodes of the blog that you may have missed, or re-listen to your favorite episodes. When we return in January, we may be switching our main platform from Podbean to WordPress. Please make sure that you like us and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be able to find us! We love this community and wish you a blessed holiday season!

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