Blog: Treasure

Jan. 9, 2018

From Lisa

You are a treasure, I was told last week…..  It took my breath away, brought tears to my eyes and instantly put a lump in my throat.  A treasure – something precious, meant to be cherished and held dear.  Wow, such a simple word, yet it had conjured up such an emotional response.  I thought about it for a long time.  I hadn’t been called a treasure since I was a child, living with my parents.  Perhaps there are others who have never been called a treasure.  Well you are a treasure.  There is something very special about you, something unique that makes you important to others, to God, to your community. 

We go through life, working, struggling, teaching, parenting, providing, surviving and often we forget that we are consequential.  We make an impact on the lives of others…. our families, friends, co-workers, communities, even complete strangers.  We are significant.  We are something to be treasured and we need to start by treasuring ourselves. 

So I started a “Lisa is a Treasure” journal.  Each day I am going to put a word or a phrase about what makes me special that day.  I may add small stories or comments that others have made about me.  I might recall things I did to make the world a little better place.  In our society, this may be considered a conceited thing to do, but it is my personal journal.  It is not a place for me to brag to others, it is a place for me to remember my worth… that I was wonderfully and purposefully made.  That I matter.

What you won’t find in my journal are my usual words of discouragement.  Words of shame and unlove.  Words of criticism and disdain. Stories about how I messed up, how I am not deserving.  This journal will be kept solely to remind me each and every day that I am a…….. Treasure!

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