Blog: Ch-ch-ch-changes

From Elaina:

It’s the new year and my practice has always been to set intentions for my life. Lisa and I will be talking about this in our personal lives on our podcast next week. Yes! Podcasts are returning!!!! We also decided to create an intention for our get more happy endeavor. Our word for the year for get more happy is growth.

Last season we added a weekly blog. I think about half of our viewers love the podcast and to listen when they are driving to work or working out. The other half gravitate to the blog and being able to quickly read what we have to say. We were on a podcasting site that we could post blogs on, but it didn’t allow you guys to comment. We really want to hear what you have to say! So, we are moving to WordPress. It will allow you to comment of both the podcasts and the blogs. We are really hoping to hear from you guys! Another benefit to our move is that our website is super simple to remember now. We are simply Now it will be easy for you to tell your friends how to find us.

We will continue to post a #mondayinspiration quote on social media (Instagram and Facebook). Tuesdays are podcast day. Thursdays are blog day. When we are between podcast seasons, the blog will continue. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and click on the link to follow us and get email updates when we post on our new site.

Please feel free to send us ideas that you would like us to talk about, cool accounts we should check out, etc. We are so happy to have you continue on this growth journey with us!

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