Blog: Measuring Success

From Elaina: I was talking to someone recently about my kids and their bright futures. I have my oldest daughter who will be graduating college at the end of the year. She is currently applying to internships for the summer and has a road map of where she wants to be and how to get there. My youngest daughter will be graduating high school this spring. She just got back from a one week internship working for a NASA subcontractor. She also has gotten accepted into her first choice college for engineering. My kids are definitely on the road to success! But, what exactly does that mean? If my kids were taking a year off, or not sure of where they wanted their future to be, would that make them less successful? Of course not!

Anyway, this person I was talking to, pointed out that I was ambitious and successful in my youth. I went to a prestigious aeronautical university, got my degree, and worked in the field for all of two years. After two years, I realized that the company I was working for was toxic and dangerous. It actually went bankrupt shortly after I left. There were very few jobs in my field in my area and I decided to change directions. I did writing and research for a company that focused on computer games for girls and then I got pregnant. I had always thought that I would not be a stay at home mom, until then. I was very lucky to be in a financial position to make the choice of whether I wanted to stay home. I decided to throw all of my energy to motherhood.

Does that make me unsuccessful? How do we measure success? Our society teaches that wealth and prestige equal success? Is that true? One of my kids pointed out that I am still doing exactly what I want to do. It’s just that what I want to do has changed. I choose to use that measure for success. Am I doing what I want to be doing? Am I doing it well? For right now, my answers are yes! My day job is helping people and enhancing their lives through exercise. I have this wonderful getmorehappy community to grow joy and spirit. Yes, I am very successful!

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