Blog: Any Way The Wind Blows

From Elaina: You know how the saying goes? If you don’t like the weather right now, wait an hour. I was teaching a water Tai Chi class yesterday. In one hour, we went from heavy storms to fast moving clouds to sun shining. It got me thinking about how our emotions change as well. I heard something the other day about how “I have my emotions, my emotions don’t have me.” It’s true. We have bad moods, good moods, sad times, happy times, but they all change. Just because I am sad, angry, etc., doesn’t mean that I have to live there forever. I can acknowledge that I am feeling those emotions and that at some point in time, they will change. I can possibly do something to pull me out of a mood, like listen to music or call a friend, or I can wallow for a bit if I want. The point is, the mood will eventually change.

I am not trying to say that the mood isn’t real while we’re in it. Of course it is! Just like that storm can be scary and dangerous. It doesn’t lessen the emergency to know that the sun will eventually shine. Our moods can be based on real things. They may be telling us when we need to pay attention to events in our life. We may be spurred to make changes or leave difficult relationships. We may be mourning. We may need to take an angry stand. The point is to listen to what our intuition is trying to tell us in the moment, but also recognize that right here, right now will change. The sun will come out again. The stressful time will end. The mourning will gently turn to fond remembrance. Let the wind blow and bring renewal.

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