Blog: It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

From Elaina: We all have ups and downs. It’s easier in our up times to practice self care. We practice meditation/prayer, have our quiet time routines, exercise, time to refresh our soul. We are better than okay, we are thriving! Then, there are crisis times when all this goes out the window! A sh*t storm comes knocking at your door. Life is in chaos. You know what? It’s okay to not be okay! Give yourself permission to do whatever necessary to get through those times. Take out instead of cooking? Go for it! Pulling something out of the dirty laundry basket to wear? Done! Notifying those around you that you need extra support? Please do!

Truth is, we all have those times. I used to try to power through by myself. It felt selfish to tell my family that I couldn’t operate at my normal level. I mean, I am a functioning adult! I am a supermom! I am a supportive friend who checks in on people! I should always be able to juggle all the balls no matter what is going on in my life. I can hear all of you laughing now. We all know that life is never perfect. Truth be told, I can only give what I can give at each moment. As I write this, I am thinking, “Why do I always feel I have to give?” Sometimes I need to receive. Sometimes, I am desperate for help. Sometimes, I can barely function myself, never mind giving to others.

This is where we all realize that life isn’t always easy. We can’t always do everything, and we need to be there for each other without judgement. I am learning to reach out to the people around me and ask for help. I am trying to do it before I reach meltdown and scream and cry at everyone around me. You know what? People are thrilled for the chance to step in and support me. Yes, you can bring me a meal! Yes, you can call me and check in! Yes, you can let me cry on your shoulder! It’s okay for me to feel broken sometimes and to call in reinforcements. Let’s all be there for one another and give ourselves and each other grace.

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