Blog: Ignoring Reality Doesn’t Change It

From Elaina: I have been Type 2 diabetic for about 13 years. I am not on insulin. I have several auto-immune things including celiac and a bunch of food allergies. I eat way fewer carbs than the average person. My diet is fairly clean because I can’t really eat most of the store bought junk. For years, I have really only tested my blood sugar for about a week before I go to the doctor and when I am being super careful about what I eat. I recently got a sensor that I wear on my arm and it tests my blood sugar constantly. One sensor lasts about a week for me, so I wear it for a week, off and cheat for a few days and then back on. My readings are always great because I am only eating crap when I don’t have a monitor on. Obviously, if I don’t see the number, it’s not really happening.

Recently, while wearing my sensor, I went to lunch with my daughter and had sushi. I mean, have you seen a sushi roll? Yes, it has rice, but not THAT much. My blood sugar went super high. And then I realized something. I now had real life data to talk to my doctor about. I had an appointment and we discussed how my blood sugar is great until I eat any carbs and then it shoots up. I told her I was willing to eat very low carb the majority of the time, but I will have pasta, pizza, bread, dessert some time in my life. To my surprise, she said there is a drug out there for me. I can take it before I eat a meal with carbs and the medicine will only last 4 hours. It’s an older drug and has been around for some time.

The moral of this story is that by ignoring what was going on for so many years, I wasn’t able to find solutions that fit me. I only wanted to present the best data, not all the data. Where else in our lives do we do this? Where else do we ignore what is real and true and only show our “best”? What real life solutions are we missing out on because we aren’t honest about our reality?

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