from Lisa

It’s that time of year again.  Graduation!  The celebration of years of accomplishment and looking forward to new beginnings. The time when we appreciate the many, many people that have affected our lives and helped mold us into the person we are today.  There are hugs good-bye and tearful apprehensions of letting go and moving forward.   There are dreams of all that life will be.  The closing of one chapter and starting of a new.  All in one moment, the super highs of accomplishment and equally as strong fears of the unknown clash within you.

But have you ever stopped to think about what will stay the same?  The constants.  The people you count on day in and day out.  Guess what?  They are still there.  Circumstances may change. You may move away and feel disconnected, but those bonds are still strong.  Your people are just a click or call away.  The people that built you up are still building you, but now in new ways.  They are taking a small step back out of your light so that YOU CAN SHINE.  You are now the main character in this new play, the spotlight is on you, but they are just off stage waiting to help when you need them.  They are there to remind you of where you came from, what you are made of, and what you have inside.  They are there to hold your hand when you are scared and root you on when you are brave.  They are there to fine tune the lessons you have spent a lifetime mastering.  They are within you as you stretch your mind, body and soul toward the new you.

So go do big things!  Make this world a better place!  Climb those mountains and accomplish all that you strive for!  Experience this new life as your own captain…..  just remember, we will always be here for you – we are your constants. 

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