From Lisa

I have so much to be grateful for lately.  My youngest graduated from high school and many people came to celebrate this momentous occasion.  For two weeks, we were visited by family and friends.  People that have poured into my daughter for years and years.  The village that helped me raise her.  Words cannot express the sincere feelings of appreciation that swell in my heart.  I cannot explain the amount of love that emanated from my home.  Friends/Family, relationships… that is what this life is all about.  People…..people that care, who share, who show up when you need them in good times and bad. 

I am also feeling a sense of awe as I watch this young lady with all of her accomplishments, in her time of glory, take time to visit with each person and sincerely show them her love and appreciation.  And when she writes her thank you letters, not notes, but letters and thanks each person not only for their gifts, but also for what they have meant to myself and my daughter. She truly understands the idea that it takes a team, a team of teachers and mentors, friends, grandparents and aunts.  It takes a team of pastors and sisters and parents, God and……..  IT TAKES A TEAM.

There are a few times in parenting when you get the chance to sit back and watch the child you raised.  A time when you can see all of your hard work culminate in beauty and this has been one of those times.   Tears well up in my eyes, but never make it down my cheeks.  I am proud and happy and excited all at once.  I am grateful and elated beyond belief.  My child is a wonderful young adult.  Now I will sit back and marvel for a bit.

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