Out of Routine

From Lisa: Have you ever gotten out of your routine?  Have you ever looked around and asked, “why did I ever stop _____?”  It is easier to do than one would think.  I mean there we are walking through our lives, day in and day out set in our ways and all of a sudden something bounces into our lives that takes us slightly off the well-beaten path.  Like a new job or a new boyfriend.  A new friend or a new mode of transportation.  Maybe we purposely started a new exercise program or a new class on cooking.  But all of a sudden we realize that we are dedicating more time to our new endeavor and some of our old responsibilities are taking a hit.  Maybe the new exercising doesn’t include the kids or dogs, so now you have to squeeze out extra time for them.  Maybe the new class you signed up for is at the same time you used to do Yoga and now you find your body relation routine out-the-door.  Maybe your new boyfriend is so much fun that you are slacking in your time with family and friends.

Whatever it is, you are out of your routine.  Guess what?  That’s Great!!!!!!   Routine is good.  It is comforting and secure.  BUT getting out of that routine can make for some of the most fun you will ever have.  Stepping out and trying something new will bring new confidence, new passion, new discovery, new energy and new appreciation.  Maybe you try Yoga or Tai Chi.  Maybe you take dance lessons or art lessons.  Maybe you join a choir or a band.  Maybe you learn to rock climb or scuba dive.  What about camping, hiking, writing, photography, kayaking, karaoke or even a new sport.  Whatever it is you chose, it will definitely change you.  You may learn you don’t particularly like what you try, but you may decide it is a game changer and go all in. 

Remember when we were kids and we tried new things all of the time?  New foods, new sports, new arts, new friends, new clubs…..   What ever happened to our sense of adventure?  What happened to our lack of fear. 

Don’t worry, after the shine wears off, you will rearrange your life to fit your new adventure into your routine.  You will somehow get back to your friends and family, your pets and responsibilities, but your new adventure will squeeze in too.  And you will be happier for it!

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