Rest or Else

From Lisa: Have you ever overdone it?  I mean really run your body into the ground, to the point of complete exhaustion, where your mind stops thinking and your body stops moving and you can literally do nothing but sit and stare.  I’ve been in this place so many times in my life. Sometimes for happy reasons, sometimes not.  Like when I trained and competed in a sprint triathlon.  Or the times I grew a baby in my belly for 9 months, gave birth and survived the first year of motherhood.  The times I have packed up a lifetime of memories and stuff and moved to a new city or state or even just down the road.  Times when I insisted on remodeling the house on our own.  Times when work was a bit too much or when I piled on too many projects to complete.

Well this year has been a marathon of sorts.  I believe we started in March, preparing our home and yard for my youngest daughter’s graduation.  We planted and mulched and rocked, and landscaped and sodded until our bodies could not move.  Then we thoroughly enjoyed entertaining family for several weeks – sightseeing, sharing memories, laughing and loving.  After a two week breather, my youngest and I traveled to NYC and toured like the best of them. Sun-up to sun-down, hitting all of the important places, meeting the most amazing people and eating delicious cuisines.  Back home for a few days and then off with my oldest daughter to road-trip from South Carolina to Texas, stopping at hot spots along the way.  Cracking jokes, laughing, crying and enjoying each other’s company. And then I ended the month with a whirlwind business trip to Dallas with three big meetings, lots of hospitality and more driving.

Phew!!!!!!!!  I finally hit the wall.  Nothing to complain about.  Things were magnificent from beginning to end.  The time with family and my daughter’s was irreplaceable.  The people I met and the places I saw… the kindness and love that poured over me in all of these experiences.  Nothing but pure joy.  BUT I am now officially 10 sheets to the wind; past the point of no return…. I have hit the wall.  Many times a day I find myself staring into space.  Blank stares.  No expression.  I truly have little thought in my head.  And this weekend I napped 4 times in 2 days.  Wow.  I think I better rest or else.  I better take it easy.  Do nothing.  Say nothing.  Think nothing.  Just let my body and mind recoup. 

What a magnificent year!  Thank God for all of these blessings AND the simple joy of rest.

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