In the Moment

From Elaina: I had a minor surgery this week. It was a surprise and a quick turn around from finding out to having surgery. I developed a painful cyst as a reaction to dissolvable stitches from a previous surgery. The benefit of the quick turn around, was that I didn’t have time to stress out or worry. I just started a new part time job this past week, my kids had auditions, job applications, etc. I just didn’t have the time to project into future problems. I had to focus on each thing in front of me. 

For a big planner, this has actually been a nice little vacation from my normal way of doing things. By focusing on what’s in front of me, that event has my full attention. I’ve actually worried a lot less. I’ve done what I can in the moment and been able to let it go when I move to the next event. In the past, I’ve been of the mind that the world will forget to turn on it’s axis if I’m not thinking about it. It’s exhausting to be that responsible for everything! Truth is, we are each only responsible for our own actions. I wasn’t affecting any change by my ultra planning. The only thing I’ve been doing is stressing myself out by the illusion of having control. 

I am hoping to continue to be in the moment when my life is not so busy. It is so much easier when I let go of worrying about all the people in my life and trust that they can take care of themselves. It’s so much less stress to take each event one and a time and not borrow trouble. It will be much easier to maintain my happiness if I can stay in the moment.

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