That Person in the Mirror

From Lisa: You know that person you see in the mirror each day when you awake?  The person you think you know so well.  Have you ever stopped to think that what you think you see is only seen through your own eyes?  The eyes that may be super critical.  The eyes that tell you that you are not enough….. pretty enough, strong enough, smart enough, sweet enough, thin enough, tall enough, friendly enough, happy enough.  What if we could see the ”us” others see.  Can we see ourselves through someone else’s eyes?  If we did, we would see that amazing person who makes a difference in the lives of others on a daily basis.  The person who is caring, loving, strong, supportive.  The person who cheers others on and gives them hope. The person that provides for a family; gives 100% at work; donates their time and money to people in need; loves and supports their friends, family and complete strangers; would give the shirt off thier back and never shies away from a person who needs help; teaches, coaches, cheers, motivates, shares stories. 

What if you looked in the mirror each morning and saw the hero everyone else sees? Would you show yourself more love?  Would you give yourself a little more Grace?  

I think we go through life not really listening to what others have to say about us.  I know we were taught not to be arrogant or think highly of ourselves.  We were taught to be humble.  OK, that’s all good, but still do we hear the words others use to describe us?  Truly listen to their words and tone?  Let it sink in and truly understand that we DO make a difference to others.  I challenge you to begin listening.  I promise, you of all people, will not become big-headed.  Let their view of you sink in.  Accept that you are good and that you do make this world a better place.  

And then, wake up and look in that mirror.  What do you see now?  Smile and know that you have great value.  Thank you for being YOU, my friend.

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