The Walls We Build

From Lisa: Walls, castles, fortresses……. we build them AND we build them well. Each feeling we do not want to feel becomes a brick held tightly together with the mortar of fear. All of the struggles we wish not to struggle through; things that scare us; too much of the past; too much of an uncertain future. Brick by brick, row by row we build our walls higher and higher until they are out of reach. A fortress, if you will, that holds us captive in our present circumstances, drowning us in our very own fears.

Walls are nothing more than unhealthy beliefs that keep us from living the lives we were truly meant to live.  And the bigger we build our walls, the smaller we become, until we barely have the strength to place one more brick.  What would happen if we started dismantling these walls?  Removing one brick at a time, one layer at a time until it became so manageable that we could knock the rest of the walls down with one mighty blow?  

With each brick we remove, we become stronger, wiser and more able to handle our life struggles.  But first we have to name our bricks, define them.  By giving them a name, we can begin to disassemble the lies we are telling ourselves and work through the truth.  One of my bricks is regret.  I feel a great deal of regret over decisions I have made in my past that affected my children. By naming this brick, I am able to talk through the pain of my regret, remind myself that I made certain decisions in very difficult circumstances, of which there were no “good” choices.  I made the best decisions I was able to make in my current state of mind at that exact moment in my life.  I remind myself that life is never going to be perfect for my children and the fact that they went through something difficult does not ruin them.  On the contrary!  It gives them the struggles they need to learn the lessons they need for life.  Therefore, I forgive myself for the decisions I deem regretful and I am ready to move forward.

GONE!   One of my bricks is gone.  See how that works?  I named that brick, took its power away and BAM it is gone!  One brick at a time I will work through the problems of my past and present so that I can set myself free to live the future life that was meant for me.  I become stronger, happier, more loving and compassionate with each brick that I remove. 

Why don’t you give it a try?

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