From Lisa: Music has the ability to conjure up deep emotion, set the mood, relieve stress, bring back old forgotten memories, or take us away to sublime peace and joy. Music is so essential to life that we often take it for granted. Sometimes not even realizing it’s gone until we hear a certain song that brings back the joy, pain, peace, love….. then we notice how much we’ve missed it.

Over the last week I’ve had several occassions that ushered music back into my life. Thanksgiving brought home my daughters and with them came a hysterical, high energy Cheetah Girl reunion. Both my college age girls and myself scream singing old songs and dancing around the living room like rock stars. Unadulterated joy and laughter beaming from our souls. Reconnecting with our classical dance routines and falling to the floor in belly laughs until we exhausted ourselves.

Later in the week I shared one of my favorite Christmas songs, Ave Maria, with a new friend. The angelic sounds melted my soul, sending me into a heavenly realm I can barely describe. Deep emotions surrounding my faith and the joy I feel at Christmas. Sharing that song was magical.
As we enter this Holiday season, with all of the hustle and bustle, I urge you to slow down, put on some tunes and let yourself go. Temporarily enter that altered reality. Bring back the memories, the joy and the peace. Bring back the music!

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