From Elaina: I’ve never been a resolution girl. I don’t think that we magically have powers to change ourselves at the beginning of the week, season, year. But, there is something exciting and fresh about newness. The thought of a clean, new start gets us to thinking about our best selves. Not in a way to berate ourselves for the parts we “should” change, but to envision what we see as the best version of ourselves.

I am looking forward to the newness of this month. I’ve been healing from foot surgery during all of the holidays. I’ve kept to low carb, but there have definitely been more low carb treats than veggies. I’ve lifted weights, but there’s been more movie watching than exercise. I’ve had my girls home. We have soaked up time together and made the most of this pocket of time, relaxing and recharging.

Now, I’m ready to go back to making the most of my life. I want to return to healthy food and exercise choices. I want to try new things. I love the holidays. I love that time of rest and relaxation. I think that it is fitting that the shortest day of the year falls at holiday time. Winter solstice brings the return of the light. Hibernation is now over. Time to take all that new energy and live fully again.

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