The Way I Was

From Lisa: This week I have been going through old pictures with my youngest daughter and simultaneously a good friend of mine sent a great song from an up-and-coming artist, Emily Bell – Back To The Way I Was. It got me to thinking about all of the life I have lived. Not just the highlight reels or the events that have been carried on in family stories. Not just the terrifying moments i’ll never forget or the amazing memories that carry me through life. I’m talking about the “me” I used to be.

In my youth I was full of energy, forever recruiting neighborhood kids to join in make believe adventures of the Wild West or Pirate Ships.  As I aged I became a die hard athlete with a HUGE heart for good sportsmanship, sometimes to the dismay of my coaches.  I took on the responsibility of fighting for the underdog and defending those who could not defend themselves. My greatest hope was in a just and loving God and I felt it my personal duty to spread that to the people in my world. 

In college I learned great rhetoric, which empowered my plight for defending what was right.  I was active in Mother’s Against Drunk Driving and forever arguing politics to promote kindness and compassion. 

As I entered my late 20s I started a family and my life became consumed by children, pets, dinners, work and sporting/music events. This period of my life spanned 20 years and sometimes I felt I had lost “me.”  I didn’t run for public office or even president of the PTA.  I was emerged in the life of raising a family.  Where had I gone?   

Truth is I was there all along. Playing more of a support role: teaching children to read, training my children to stand up for others, helping the homeless and less fortunate. Mentoring at risk kids.  I was still “me”!

And now my children are grown.  I have more time to get back to the veracity of my youth. I’ve stepped up my serving at church in the Special Needs group. I write a weekly blog and do a weekly podcast on spreading kindness.  I freely give my testimony to women in hopes they feel empowered. I created The Journey to Joy (a Christian blog series). And I’m feeling unbelievably fulfilled. 

So, I encourage you, regardless of the life stage you’re in, to reflect and see the “me” that is still within you. Remember who you once were and celebrate who you have become. You are amazing!

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