Right Here, Right Now

From Elaina: I just got back from my dream vacation to Hawaii! I have wanted to go since I was a little girl. I approached this vacation very differently than I ever have before. I’ve talked before how I am a huge planner. I tend to overthink everything. My thoughts are that if I plan for every eventuality, I can relax in the moment. That has served me well in the past. Truth is though, I have changed over the last couple of years. I’m not sure exactly what made the switch. I think that teaching Tai Chi has been part, my kids becoming adults has been part, really I’m not sure. The end result is that I am softer now. I am more patient. I go with the flow more. I tend to stay in the present moment.

No one around me could believe that I didn’t plan anything for this dream vacation. I had a hotel and airfare, but that’s it. I had a rough idea of possible activities. A day or so before I left, I watched a couple of travel vlogs. I couldn’t even explain to myself why I didn’t want to plan for this. The day before, I had a revelation! I realized that there was so much to see and do, that there was no way to do it all. If I tried to plan it, I would have to pick the top few things to do. I would have stressed myself out to determine what the top items were. Was I picking the absolute best? Would I wish I had done something different? How would I know if I picked the right thing?

It turns out that being right here, right now was perfect for me this time. I did the items that seemed the most fun at the time. I didn’t peruse every option, so I never had the feeling of missing out on something. I enjoyed every moment because I was in the flow!

I don’t know if this stage of not planning will last, but I am enjoying this new, softer me. I am so much calmer. I am able to enjoy the journey of life, not just trying to get to the end result. This moment right here, right now is enough for me.

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