Hope for the future

From Elaina: I was teaching a class the other day and one of my members told me of a conversation she had with a 30 year son of a friend. This lady was probably in her 70s. She told me that this gentleman is a photographer who specializes in pictures that find beauty in the ordinary. One example was a crack in an overpass that perfectly framed the city. The photographer talked about how frustrating it was to realize it took 30 years to gain this perspective. My lady laughed because it took her many more years than that. I said to her how wonderful evolution is because I believe that todays’ teens and young adults see this now.

People often joke about how horrible it is to raise teenagers. Teens get a bad rap. I have thoroughly loved these years! It’s a time when they are formulating their own opinions. They are old enough for deep discussions. Things aren’t just black or white, right or wrong. They start seeing the nuances of life. I can share music and movies. Tell them the mistakes I’ve made in life and what I’ve learned from them. I can share who I am as a person, not just a mom. I also have had to learn how to transition from telling them what to do, to giving them advice. I’ve tried to foster how to listen to all sides of a situation before reacting. 

I am so hopeful for the future! As a people, we have fallen into so much divisiveness. We have formulated our opinions before the other person even speaks. Often what we look for, we find. When we are focused on anger and other ugly things, that’s what we see. I have hope that this younger generation can hold on to seeing the beauty. I hope that they can see it in the world, in humanity. I hope they withstand the apathy and frustrations that life can bring and continue to see beauty and joy. What a wonderful world we live in!

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