From Lisa: With age comes wisdom or so the saying goes. Today I turned 50 years old, half a century, 18,250 days. Do I feel old? No. Do I feel wise? Perhaps. I do know that I have a ton of life experiences to share with others. Lessons I’ve learned; pain I’ve lived through; things I would change; how to trust my gut. I know I have gained empathy and compassion for others. I get that life is hard and that we don’t always make the best choices. I know life is not fair and we don’t always get what we want. I’ve learned to value every moment I have with the people I love, because I can lose them in a blink of an eye. I get that life is short, so I’ve made a habit of allowing myself great adventures, saying yes to as many experiences as I can.

I hold God, family and friends above all things. I have grown to appreciate the joy of serving others and putting their needs above my own. I pay closer attention to the little everyday miracles, like babies; animals; smiles; nature; sweet words; acts of kindness; the beauty that exists in one’s soul. My breath is taken away by the peace and serenity in a sunrise or sunset. I listen a little closer. I speak words of encouragement even more than before. I am unbelievably grateful for every bite I eat, every breath I take, every dollar I make, every moment I have.

I guess this is the wisdom that comes with age. The wisdom that comes with the scars that mark our life lessons. The wisdom that comes from failing again and again until we finally succeed. The wisdom that comes from true connection with others, when we put aside differences and truly look into another’s eyes. The wisdom that comes from listening to those who came before us and learning from their experiences.

And yet there are some things for which I will never have wisdom, never understand….. great losses, great pains. I guess I will have to actually wait until I meet my maker to gain this type of wisdom. So yes, I do feel wise. I do have a lot to share. But I also still have a ton to learn. I look forward to my next 50 years with great anticipation, as I will walk through these days with greater wisdom than my first 50 years.

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