After Neverland

From Jessie: The idea of growing up has always been terrifying to me. Growing up means more responsibility, less time to yourself, and worst of all leaving the comfort of the known. In every great life transition, (high school to college, college to adulthood) I have fought back the tears and worries of what this great big unknown meant. I identified with this fear of growing up so deeply that I found solace in the story of Peter Pan.

We all know the story of Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. And while the sentiment of preserving our childhood youth is still relevant, Peter did not accomplish this is in the healthiest of ways. We all idolize Peter’s character, but who I like to identify with is Wendy. Wendy delights in the joy of Neverland and lives the magic and then she gets to move on to the joy and magic of growing up. When she embraces her journey home, that is when she really starts living.

So, no matter how long or how hard I fought this idea of growing up I couldn’t face the reality that I was eventually going to have to confront my fears and walk into the unknown. In the last few months, I graduated college and started my first big kid job. So here I am on the other side of that terrifying leap, and I am happy to report that the other side is just as exciting and magical, sometimes even more!! Adulthood is filled with many good and happy things, and how exciting is it that we get to live it!

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