The Teams We Join

From Lisa: Remember when you were a kid and part of a team? Maybe it was baseball or you were in the band. Either way, you belonged to a group of like-minded individuals who enjoyed the same activity and greatly desired to be part of that team. Well sometimes life puts you on teams that you had no intention of joining, no desire to become a part of. Maybe you became part of the “jobless” team or the “divorced” team or the “single parent” team. Maybe you slid into the “owner of a company” team or the “care giver for an elderly parent” team. There are so many teams that we unknowingly join in our lives, sometimes for a moment, sometimes for a lifetime.

So what are we to do with these teams?  What are we to take from them, learn from them, give back to them? Why are we chosen?  How long do we dare stay?  I have been thrusted into several of these teams, unexpectedly, definitely not something I had planned.  I am on the “divorced” team and the “single mom” team.  I never would have guessed that I would be joining one of these teams when I was a young bride or raising young children.  I had no desire to do family alone, yet here I am at the tail end of raising two amazing daughters (both in college) as a single mom.  Can I say I would recommend this club to anyone, “NO!”  This club has way too many hardships, sleepless nights, long hours, impossible decisions and no relief pitchers.  It makes you cry, makes you angry and makes you sad.  But it also lets you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have what it takes, you have everything you need to make it in this club.  You will learn your unbelievable ability to survive ANYTHING; you will believe in others in deeper ways than you imagined; you learn to lean into support and take all the help you can get.  You will become an inspiration for your children and others around you.  You will demonstrate great stamina, great problem-solving skills, and great faith.

And that is when something magical happens.  You are given the opportunity to give back.  To help others who made it on the team.  To inspire them and give hope.  To show them the ropes and help them avoid pitfalls.  You have a unique perspective, a wealth of knowledge and deep compassion to their plight.  You are now a team player, and encourager!  Go be great!

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