No More What Ifs

Elaina’s daughter, Becca, wrote this week’s blog: I’m very happy and excited to say that I’ve recently been selected as a counselor for Fish Camp, an extended orientation program for freshmen entering college at Texas A&M University, which is where I go to school. This selection process was very competitive as almost 3000 students applied and only 1200 were selected, so I feel so honored and excited to have been given this opportunity. 

In the long weeks leading up to the decision, I was very nervous about what the outcome would be because I really wanted this opportunity. I decided that, instead of dwelling on the what ifs, I should focus more on reminding myself that whatever happens is for my greater good and the greater good of everyone else involved. I realized that I would probably lose my mind if I thought, “What if I don’t get chosen? What would I do?” I figured it would be much more productive to think on the positive side and not stress about what could go wrong. 

Once I saw the email saying I got the position, I felt a weight being lifted off my chest and I was so glad that I had decided to not dwell on the what ifs. Living in the present and hoping for the best allowed me to reduce my anxiety and enjoy the other activities in my life while I was waiting. I am hopeful that I can remember this when I am faced with my next challenge.

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