From Elaina: When this quarantine started, there was a bunch of stuff on social media about how the introverts have been practicing for this their whole lives. Introverts felt like the whole world was finally understanding their lifestyle preferences. A lot of extroverts went straight into how to maintain connections. There was a lot of checking in, zoom calls, etc. Both introverts and extroverts played to type and kept to their comfortable norms.

Then the quarantine kept on. I think a lot of us were surprised to see how we all have a bit of introvert and extrovert in us. The so-called introverts realized that, even if their preferred charge up is alone time, they still crave some interaction. They do need connection. The so-called extroverts realized that a houseful of people working, playing, living together meant that they needed to carve out a space to be alone for a little bit.

For me, it’s been interesting to see that not having my normal routines has made me re-evaluate my normal habits. Instead of running on automatic and to do lists, I’ve gotten to reflect on why I do certain things. I’m able to see my motivations more clearly. I realize that my behaviors are my choice. I’m not just on automatic anymore. I am finding value in both the introvert and extrovert within me.

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