Time Has No Meaning

From Lisa: Corona virus has taken over our world. We have been in quarantine for over a month and life as we knew it has drastically changed. Suddenly time has no meaning. It’s as if we are in a perpetual episode of The Twilight Zone. It makes no sense to me, as I am still working from home just like I have for 5 years. I still live only with my youngest daughter, as I have for the last 4 years. For me, things have remained pretty consistent, yet I almost never know what day it is and hardly remember the month. I constantly miss timely obligations like zoom bible studies and even writing this blog. I have to work so so hard to keep myself motivated and focussed at work.

It’s as if time is standing still or slowly dragging by. We aren’t allowed to socialize in person, so all activities are online. We can’t make plans for the future, because we don’t know when we will be allowed to start gathering or traveling. For now life is on a serious hold.  

I wake up each morning in a fog.  A fog that changes throughout the day, but doesn’t ever completely lift.  Like the feeling you get when you’re coming out of anesthesia, where everything feels like it’s in slow motion. Where reality doesn’t feel real. Where you’re just kind of floating through life. 

I know things will return to a more normal state. I know the fog will lift and I will become more focussed once again. But until then I will continue to take it one day at a time.

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