Quarantine Camera Roll

From Jessie: Dear you! I have been working from home these past few months, as has the rest of the world, and something beautiful that has come of it is my almost unlimited access to seminars. Of course, most of them are discussing how to work from home, different ways to maintain mental and physical wellbeing during quarantine, and most recently, return to work strategies. But there was one seminar that was particularly special, that taught me something that’s been important to my quarantine experience.

This seminar discussed finding the beauty in the ordinary. Looking at our everyday world and realizing the magnitude of beauty we are surrounded by. Challenging us to in this time of rest, really take the time to discover. 

After this seminar I took a breather outside and just so happened to look up. The sky had painted this beautiful image of plush white clouds balanced perfectly with the blue background, it was breathtaking! I had to capture the moment! As I turned around to head back inside, I easily noticed three or four more images that I thought were beautiful, so I snapped those too.

Three weeks now I have been creating this quarantine camera roll full of this beauty that is all around me! It’s a nice reminder that even though our world has slowed down and progress feels slow, there is life happening all around us, right now!! So take a moment to look, and see what beauty you can find.

2 thoughts on “Quarantine Camera Roll

  1. Jessie, I’m so grateful you’re in my life.
    I receive photos every day from a friends daughter who
    takes daily photos. I’ve not thought to share them, I will
    begin doing so on FB.
    Blessings love, Bernie


    1. Bernie! I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog! I’ve been sharing my photos with my colleagues, but I hadn’t thought about posting them on Facebook. I will do so as well!


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