To My Daughters (Mother’s Day)

From Lisa: On this Mother’s Day, as we sit in quarantine with very strange lives, I am feeling truly blessed.  Celebrating my role as your mother, I realize that I was by far not the only one who influenced your upbringing.  Yes, I gave you life, I loved you unconditionally, and I tried as hard as I could to make your life good, but I praise God every day for the wisdom, strength, hope, encouragement and endurance He gave me to make it through.

It has never been clearer to me how every single person that helped us along the way is a part of these amazing master pieces I call my daughters. Every friend, every mentor, every pastor, every coach, every teacher, every relative, every person good or bad… every hardship, every struggle, every challenge, every blessing.  They have all worked together to weave each of you into who you are today. So, today as I celebrate Mother’s Day, I celebrate each of you.  I celebrate the women you have become and the mothers you will be.  I have never been so proud, but I share my pride with the village that helped me raise you.

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