My Voice

From Lisa: When I was young, I had all of the answers; I fought all the fights; I stood up for every underdog. When I was young I yelled and became animated as I defended my position. I was convinced that my voice should be heard when I wanted, where I wanted and to whom I wanted. I was a hot head, often set off by the words and tones of others. My buttons could so easily be pushed and manipulated by a proficient arguer or someone with an alternative agenda. I played right into their hands, which just perpetuated my frustration and fueled my fire even further.

As I have aged, I have begun to quiet. To sit and contemplate. To weigh the matter at hand for some time. I’ve begun to listen better; articulate my thoughts more precisely; and patiently wait for the best time to use my voice.

Now my voice is more deep than loud, but it is finally heard. People are finally listening. They are hearing me and, whether or not they agree, I can only believe my words are planting seeds of change. It comes with age. It comes with life experience. But it also comes from a deep desire to right the wrongs and make this world a more peaceful, kind and loving place.

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