Move That Body

From Elaina: I was never really physically active as a child. I always felt uncoordinated. We moved a lot and I assumed that everyone at my new school had already learned how to play volleyball, softball, soccer, whatever. My preteen years were spent in the middle of the desert, so there were no kids to play with. I never had the opportunity to practice or just have fun with physical activity. I was so afraid to fail and be made fun of.

Of course, not finding joy in being active and eating food I was allergic to (and didn’t know) as well as not really knowing or caring what a healthy diet was, I gained weight through my young adult years. I joined Weight Watchers for the first time at age 19. That started the off again, on again dieting years. Finally at 30, after having my second child, having serious gestational diabetes, and being at my heaviest weight, I realized that diet is only part of the solution. I decided that I needed to find some kind of physical activity that I liked. I joined water aerobics and fell in love. Within a year, I was teaching, even though I was still overweight. I finally understood why people like physical activity! Becoming physically active made me feel stronger and led me to try other forms of activity. I love kickboxing, lifting weights, power yoga! I’ve now been an exercise teacher for 19 years! Pre-virus, I was teaching four classes back to back several days a week.

Then the virus hit. Gyms shut down, but I was going to be diligent in keeping my physical activity. Some weeks, I was on fire. Like all of us, some weeks, I barely got off the couch. I’m back to work, at least for now. I am only allowed one class a day. I’ve had to get creative and seek out physical activities I enjoy doing. I like to try new things. Sometimes, they are a bust. I encourage all of you to find a way to move your body. Did you enjoy a sport when you were young? Do you like dancing? Playing in the water? Taking a hike? Kayaking? Don’t worry about being perfect. Get out and enjoy yourself and move that body!

Elaina’s Simple Joy of the week: I LOVE coffee!!! Back in January, I was able to fulfil my life long dream to go to Hawaii. One of the things I did was go to a coffee plantation. I just found this flavored coffee on Amazon that reminds me of that trip. CLICK HERE

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