Troubled Times

From Lisa: I work so hard to stay positive in life. No matter what is handed to me, I always try to find the lesson or the silver lining. And Covid is no exception, I have found plenty of positive outcomes from this pandemic… But it has taken so much away from us too. It has taken those once-in-a-lifetime moments like graduations, marriages, births, baptisms, retirements, athletics, and a slew of other huge celebrations. Times when we should all be together marking a special event, cheering, smiling, and loving one another. 

But perhaps the most Inhumane of them all revolves around death. This is not the only time In history when people have been separated as a loved one passes. There were wars and distances that could not be avoided. There were sudden circumstances that did not provide enough time. But this…  this is different. It steals the humanity, the touch, the connection that is so often there when one crosses over to the other side.  It leaves the people we love alone with strangers as they take their last breaths.  The medical professionals do everything they can to give the patient peace and love, but it’s not the same. 

And equally as devastating is our inability to join in large groups to celebrate the lives of our loved ones. No telling of beautiful and funny stories. No reuniting with long lost relatives or learning something we didn’t know about our family.  No specific time set aside to mourn and acknowledge our loss as a collective group. It severely affects our grieving process and ability to be whole again. 

I pray for the end of this pandemic.  I do not pray that things return to the way they were, as I truly see this as a time for renewal, redirection and refocus….   but I do pray that we are given back our precious moments together.   God Bless. 

Elaina’s Simple Joy of the Week: I work in a pool 5 days a week. Perfume is the absolute last thing on my mind. My sister in law got this for me last Christmas. It smells like the tropics and helps me feel special instead of smelling like chlorine on the weekend.

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