Do You Have Tips on How to Manage my Workload and Time?

From Elaina: It feels like we’re all ramping up and getting busy again. For some of us it’s work, for others it’s school, but no matter where you are in life, time management is a good skill to learn. Different tools work for different people. It’s good to know yourself. Are you a procrastinator? Are you a planner who can’t relax until your tasks are done? DO you do better with go with the flow?

I am a planner. I do well with thinking about my tasks for the week and developing a schedule for the work. I often will work the schedule out so that I plan some breaks in or do different types tasks back to back like switching off writing this blog with doing something active for my body. I like handwritten lists. At first it can be overwhelming to write down everything I have to do that day or week, but it makes me feel secure to have it all laid out in front of me. It’s also satisfying to cross things off the list. If your mind starts going crazy when you lay down, making a list of what pops up can be helpful.

Sometimes, your workload is such that there is always a task to do and you need to schedule in down time. A rewards system works well for that. I can watch a show after I read a chapter. When I finish this one task, I can play on my phone for 30 minutes. Set a timer so that you don’t fall down the rabbit hole!

Another great tool is utilizing the calendar and reminders on your phone. I have alerts for all sorts of things! That way it is out of your head and you can focus on what needs your attention right now. When you use the calendar and reminders, you can also choose to set alerts a day, an hour, five minutes before. I find that my calendar works best when I have the alarms set on it, so I don’t just dismiss the alert.

What tips do y’all have? Have you found anything that works well that you can share?

Elaina’s Simple Joy of the Week: I teach exercise classes in the pool. I used to wear my wedding ring all the time. One day, I realized my diamond prongs were a little loose, so I took my ring to the jeweler. When I put the ring on his table, the prongs broke and my diamond started rolling off. He looked at me and said, “You must swim a lot.” The chlorine in the pool can make the metal brittle. So now instead of not wearing my wedding ring all week, I found these fun silicone rings. There are all sorts of brands. I went with these for an inexpensive trial.

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