Now My New Normal is Changing Too?

From Jessie: Now that restaurants and businesses are opening up from quarantine, our “new normal” is now changing again. Many of us are still in some form of quarantine, but some of us are now back in full throttle of life!
I have been working in the office for 3 days a week, and at home for the other 2. I just got news that I can go back full time (yay?). Of course, I should be excited about having my life back. Isn’t this what I’ve been asking for for months now?
I have to say I had become comfortable with my work from home schedule. I enjoyed wearing my pajamas all day, and watching tv during my lunch hour, and getting to do my chores while on a conference call. I had just settled into this hybrid schedule, what do you mean I have to change my habits again? But I think that’s where my expectations weren’t in check. I settled into a schedule in this world that is constantly changing.
So now I have this wonderful opportunity to merge my two realities. My pre-COVID normal and my post-COVID learnings. Now is the adventure where I am working full time, figuring out an exercise schedule, discovering my cooking habits, etc. Though I know I still get to keep some of my favorite new habits from quarantine ie. taking nature walks, making candles, settling aside time to call friends.
Now that the world is re-opening, we have this beautiful opportunity to start new!! To take the best of both worlds, and create our new ever-evolving reality.

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