5 Things to Help When You Feel Anxious

We all have times when we are stressed and anxious. Here are 5 things to try to help you through it.

1. Express Yourself: Call a friend. Rant. Write in a journal. Make lists. Get it all out of your head in a tangible way.

2. Breathe: Take a minute to focus on your breath. Slow it down. Breathe in and out. Count your inhale. Pause. Count your exhale.

3. Fill Your Senses: Find things of comfort to fill your senses. Wrap in a soft sweater or blanket. Play your favorite music or listen to the ambient sounds around you. Light a scented candle.

4. Connect With Nature: Go sit outside and feel the breeze and listen to the birds. Take a walk and notice the colors around you. Sit by a window and feel the sun or hear the rain or wind.

5. Fake It Till You Make It: Redirect your stressful thoughts. Have a mantra you say whenever the thoughts turn negative. Something like, “You are strong and whole and capable of handling whatever comes your way.”

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