5 Ways to Really See and Appreciate Someone

I talk a lot about how our basic motivation in life is to be seen, or recognized, and be appreciated. As the star of our own show, we spend a lot of energy and time seeking those feelings. On the flip side, what are we doing to see and recognize the people we care about?

  1. Reach Out First – You know how excited you are when someone texts or ask to hang out first? Be the one that does that on occasion!
  2. Ask Them About Themselves – Ask about their day. Ask about their challenges and triumphs. Ask about their hopes and dreams.
  3. Practice Active Listening – Look them in the eye. Keep your attention on what they are saying. Reflect back what you heard. Listen to listen, not just to respond.
  4. Give little presents – This can be anything from, “I baked you cookies.” to “I saw this and thought of you.”
  5. Tell Them – Write a note. Text an “I really love you!” message. Say it in person. Just let them know how much care!

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