5 Tips For When You Feel Lonely

  1. Stay Off Social Media: Nothing good can come from comparing yourself to what others are doing. You have no idea what their story is. This could be the one event they’ve gone to all month. You could be looking at a fun picture, maybe everyone was arguing. Avoid social media!
  2. Is It Temporary?: Do you usually have lots of friendship time, but are in a lull? If starts becoming a trend, find some activities to meet new people.
  3. Reach Out: Scroll through your contact list. Is there anyone that you haven’t heard from in awhile? Are there people that always text you first? Reach out and connect!
  4. Make Future Plans: So everyone you know is busy today? Start making plans for the future. Set up plans for tomorrow or next week.
  5. Enjoy Alone Time: Put the phone down. Stop playing games on it. Find something to do by yourself. Take a long shower. Read a book. Watch a funny show. Get crafty. Find ways to occupy your time when you are alone and maybe you’ll start enjoying that time.

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