It’s All About Perspective

I say all the time that you can have the best day of your life and find the things that went wrong and you can have the worst day of your life and find the things that went well. It’s all about perspective. I’ve been thinking about this lately in regards to this year. Admittedly, 2020 has been a challenge. Some of us have lost loved ones, income, peace of mind. We’ve had to give up our normal traditions of weddings, funerals, holidays, etc. But there have also been gifts in this year. I look at my daughter, Jessie. In this year, she started her first real career job and is thriving in it. She moved into her first apartment. She reconnected with a past love and is engaged now. For Jessie, 2020 can be seen as the best year of her life!

What gifts can we find from this year along with the tragedies? Have you grown closer to family members? Have you realized that you want a career change? Have you found ways to connect to others through technology? Have you found out what’s really important in your life?

I don’t mean to lessen the tragedies. They are valid and plentiful. I do believe, though, that we have the opportunity for gifts in our tragedies. Try looking for the gifts and see what happens.

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