Whispers of Fear

One of the parting gifts of having a challenging childhood is that when things are going well, fear starts whispering that something is going to go wrong. You have a hard time enjoying happy things because you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I definitely feel this in my life! Right now with the upcoming holidays, I’ve been having a spike in anxiety. I start thinking that since I have everyone I love around me, something scary is going to happen. I start getting fearful while I’m driving. I’m afraid that someone is going to get sick. I’m just plain afraid and anxious.

My biggest antidote to this is to immerse myself in the present. Look around me! As I write this, I see the beautiful colors of the trees! I see the wind dropping the leaves. The sky is a brilliant blue. I feel the sun in my skin. When I notice the world around me and focus on filling my senses, I find that I can finally take an easier breath.

Depression tends to be a focus on the past and what we could have done differently. Anxiety is a focus in the future and what could possibly go wrong. Mental peace centers on the present. Really the present is the only true moment we have. I hope you find peace in this present moment.

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