5 Things To Do instead of Looking At a Screen

I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been spending more time on my phone. I’m sure it’s not coincidental m, but I’m also a bit more agitated and my attention span is waning. So this list is for me too!
1. Read. Escape into another world. Learn a new skill. Fiction. Non fiction. Self help. Magazine. Whatever.
2. Take a walk. Go get some fresh air. Don’t bring the phone. Look at the colors in nature. Listen to the sounds.
3. Visit with a friend. Granted, this one may take a little more work while we live in a COVID world. I’m willing to put a screen caveat in this one if you want to FaceTime instead.
4. Quiet Time. Remember when you were little and used to play make believe? Why don’t we daydream anymore? This can also be prayer or meditation time.
5. Find a hobby. Draw. Doodle. Play an instrument. Sing. Do puzzles.

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