5 Things To Not Feel Guilty For!

1. Eating! You cannot survive without it. Eat enough to where you feel full and eat that snack you’ve been dreaming about. And don’t forget it’s important to eat a vegetable every now and then.
2. Gaining weight! Hey, your body has to grow. It has to hold all your organs so you can stay safe and healthy. So that one part of your body that makes you insecure, throw a little extra love that way.
3. Going to bed! It’s okay to go to bed super early or super late, whatever that means to you. Your body needs rest, take it!
4. Taking a break! Everyone needs a break every once in a while. Whether that means taking a night to yourself, sitting on the couch, doing nothing, or something totally different, enjoy.
5. Treating yourself! It’s important to reward ourselves sometimes. Buy that thing you’ve been thinking about, take yourself out for dinner, eat that treat. Treat yo self!

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