Tell Them About It

Have you ever had a random compliment turn your day around? Had a sweet, thoughtful comment on social media from a friend you hadn’t heard from in a while? How did it feel? How do you feel when you get a written letter in the mail? How about when someone close to you takes the time to express their gratitude that you’re in their life?

Let’s work on giving these gifts to other people! Hand out compliments like candy. Share with a stranger that you like their earrings or that their smile is bright. Go buy some of those cheap Valentines and address them to your coworkers. Right a quick personal note on them. If you have a thoughtful thing to say to a friend, say it! Write sweet notes to those you love and express your favorite things about them. Life is hard. Why not brighten someone’s day by letting them know that they are loved and appreciated?

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