Practice Gratitude

We live in Texas. If you’ve watched the news recently, we resemble the apocalypse right now. As I write this, we’ve been frozen for a week, snow on top of ice on top of snow on top of ice! For perspective, we usually get a minor dusting of snow every 3-5 years. It was in the mid eighties the beginning of February. A lot of the state hasn’t had electricity since this started. Most places are under a boil water notice. I have been completely fortunate and have kept both electric and water. Jessie and Gabe’s apartment has been without power for almost five days. Becca is safe a school and has electric and water. I did a dumb thing and had a faucet that the cold water worked, but the hot water was frozen. I decided to keep the tap on high on the heat side. I went to bed and forgot it. My husband came downstairs (on his birthday) to a flooded downstairs. I’ve been suffering debilitating headaches for a week now, due to the weather. We also have a dog we’ll need to put down from cancer when the world thaws out.

As always, I can’t control the events around me, but I can control my response. Becca is lonely, but safe. Gabe’s dad is from Minnesota and has a four wheel drive. He was able to rescue the kids. They are warm and safe. We laughed about the flood while sopping up the mess. The floors needed replacing soon anyway. I can function through pain. The dog is having the best week ever cuddled on my lap.

Really, challenges will always be with us. There is a reason they call it “practicing” gratitude.

2 thoughts on “Practice Gratitude

  1. I like to think it’s been cycle of life and we all practice our limits and rethink what matters in life …maybe we needed all this to be more aware of our relationship with neighbours, children,and people in general 🤔 The world 🌎 was being in a mess so heaven gave us this and we stop and came together small or large gelp is what was needed …We forgot about pandemic, politics, and started to care about people and what matters in our lifes …so cicle of life was what we all needed…love ..caring…life…be happy we made it and always smile to each other .


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