Choose Your Own Adventure

I always loved those Choose Your Own Adventure books. Do you remember those? The ones where at the end of the page, you chose whether the character went through the ominous door or kept walking through the house? It was always fun to try them the way you would really react and then retry them in a way completely different from who you really are.

In my exercise classes, I always use the term, “choose your own adventure” to tell people to get what they came for. Some days, people feel on top of the world and want to work hard. Other days, people are happy that they got out of bed and are moving their body a little.

I think that it’s good to remember that we always are choosing our own adventures in life. You don’t have to be stuck in your job/relationship/old routines! Staying where we are is a choice. So is moving on to new things. No one can really say what is best for you, but you. Some seasons in life are about resting where we are and others are about rolling the ball forward. Just remember that life isn’t just happening to you. We are always choosing!

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