Move It or Lose It

It’s been over a year of Covid now. Among other things, I bet your exercise routine took a hit. I was able to go back to teaching my exercise classes in June. I’ll never forget how wonderful it felt! I tried to keep active during quarantine. I walked and did online classes. It just wasn’t the same. When I went back to work, it fulfilled so much for me! I get to move my body regularly. I get to visit safely with people. I get to help people. I have a sense of purpose again.

I recently got a new dog. He has a lot of energy, so I’ve started taking my dogs on a walk every day. We’ve been walking 1-2 miles everyday on top of my classes I teach. I had fallen into not really exercising outside of my classes. Again, I had forgotten how good it feels to move my body more. 

Exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore. It should be fun and energizing. I encourage you to find some way to move your body that’s enjoyable. Know yourself!!! Do you need something easy to start with? Try chair classes or walking with a friend or dog or light yoga. Do you want a group setting? Start checking out classes and gyms. Need something at home? Row or march in place or lift weights while watching TV. 

The point is, our bodies were designed to move. If you don’t move it, you’ll lose it!

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