Take the Leap!

Hey y’all, Jessie here! Sharing the good news of a big girl purchase! Gabe and I bought two brand new cars this weekend. I know, crazy! But I learned a lot about taking risks in the car dealership world that I thought I could translate into real life! See below for a guide to taking the leap!

1. Dream big. Be ambitious, have high goals. We know how crazy it sounds to have purchased two new vehicles, but we thought go big or go home.

2. Don’t have expectations. Before we went to the dealership we had a conversation about how we were only going to purchase the cars if the price was right. We didn’t expect to leave with two cars. So try to let go of your preconceived notion of how everything will go.

3. Be flexible. If a curve ball is thrown your way, you got it! To make the deal the dealership asked us to put more money down. It was not what we had planned for, but we weighed the pros and cons and did what our gut was telling us.

4. Stay within parameters. Taking risks is about weigh pros and cons, but don’t give more than what you have. When we were negotiating pricing, we were very honest about what we could and couldn’t afford. Do the same with whatever you’re handling.

5. Be excited! After making a huge choice (and purchase) we got to celebrate with our new vehicles! Whatever choice/decision/or event you have - enjoy the outcome! Celebrate!

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