Choose To Find The Magic

I’ve been taking a lot of walks with my dogs lately. It’s Spring in Texas which means wildflowers. It’s really something special to see all these beautiful flowers in unusual places. We have swatches of them lining the highway. They’re in the yards, in the park. I’ve also seen a bunch of dandelions. At first glance, dandelions  look like an ugly, ubiquitous weed. Then they have this magical fuzz that you can wish on. Magic exists everywhere in our lives. Beautiful wildflowers by the busiest roads! Weeds you can wish on!

Where can you find the magic, even through the stress, of your life? A great playlist. Hearing kids play on the playground. Puppy cuddles. A cat on your lap. The sun on your face. The breeze through your hair. Coffee and friendship. Magic is everywhere in your everyday life. Spend some time this week choosing to find it.

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