5 Daily Habits I Enjoy

  1. Coffee!!!: Yes, I am addicted. I also have given it up multiple times to see if it improves my health. It doesn’t. I feel better with it. I will admit to being addicted and okay with it! I LOVE my morning cup of sunshine!!!
  2. Exercise: I found my love for this one later in life. I started exercising regularly in my 30s. During the pandemic, I added walking. Now I’m teaching two classes a day plus taking the dogs for a walk twice a day. The more I move, the better I feel!
  3. Connecting with friends and family: I talk to both of my daughters multiple times a day. I also have a friend that we send texts and memes throughout the day. It’s nice to be connected and feel like people care that you made it out of bed.
  4. Greens Powder: I know that I don’t eat the recommended amount of veggies and fruits. My greens powder is tasty and makes me feel that I’m doing something good for my body.
  5. Puppy cuddles: Every evening, I make time to sit and cuddle with my two dogs. I get to relax. They nap on my lap. Everyone wins!

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