I read something the other day about how this pandemic is a shared trauma. People who didn’t have a big trauma previous to this are experiencing this anew. Those of us with previous traumas are be triggered. It’s interesting because I am extremely lucky and haven’t had big, personal experiences with Covid. I felt scared and isolated, like all of us, in the beginning of the quarantine. Fortunately, my life went back to semi-normal last summer when the Y re-opened. We also live in Texas and, while personally taking measures to be safe, things opened quicker around here. So, why all of a sudden, am I an anxious mess? I am noticing that my anxiety has really been ramping up lately. Some of it is warranted, with different events in my life, but most of it is out of proportion. Maybe it’s this shared trauma triggering me? 


Whether we were personally attacked by this virus or not, the community effects are felt by us all. Take some time to evaluate your mental health. Are you struggling? Are old traumas being triggered? Check in with yourself and do whatever is needed to thrive!

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